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We operate economically, ecologically and socially

Our aim is to preserve the beauty of nature for future generations and to keep our planet liveable, which is why making our hotel operations as sustainable as possible is a matter close to our hearts. For our commitment to this topic we received certification by GreenSign in level 4.

our mission statement

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Our entire premises is heated with woodchips from our own and nearby forests. In 2020, we replaced and improved the existing woodchip heating system.


We produce 90% of our electricity with the photovoltaic systems on the roofs of our farm buildings. Various technical initiatives help us to save energy.


We pay attention to sustainability in every construction project. We build using local craftsmen according to current building standards and use mainly natural materials such as wood, stone and glass.

Regional products

Beer and soft drinks from various breweries in the region, as well as juices from Nagler in Regensburg, are a matter of course for us. We don’t want to miss out on handmade bread and rolls from local bakers. We also buy meat, sausages, potatoes and other vegetables regionally. Products such as jam and various sausages are made by ourselves inhouse.


We use products with effective microorganisms for cleaning hotel rooms and public areas. The natural substances and their probiotic effect have also convinced us to sell these products onsite. This way, we protect the environment and even support the work of microorganisms at the sewage treatment plant.

Avoiding rubbish & Waste separation

Disposable products and individual packaging have long been a thorn in our side. Therefore, we create alternatives, as far as this is possible from a hygienic point of view.

We avoid waste as far as possible. Rubbish that does accrue is carefully sorted. For us, this is an important part of protecting the environment.

Green spaces

We do not use chemical sprays or fertilisers in the maintenance of our green spaces. In this area, too, we make use of the work of effective microorganisms, strengthening both the plants and soil life at the same time.

Grander® water

Vitalised water from Grander® flows throughout the building. We appreciate the benefits of Grander® from the kitchen to the laundry. This saves on detergents and cleaning materials. Most importantly, our hotel guests can enjoy this very special water quality!

Arrival and departure

Environmentally friendly travel made easy with public transport. The bus stop is only 50m from the hotel and the railway station in Abensberg 12 km away.

Change of towels

To avoid unnecessary laundry, we do not change towels every day. Anything lying on the floor gets washed. Towels hanging on hooks continue to be used.

Social responsibility

We support local organisations in various ways. For many of them, we act as their clubhouse. A give and take!


We also focus on sustainability in administration. We save paper, for example, by sending invoices electronically and continue to digitalise in small steps.