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About us - Family Sixt

The building was first constructed in 1738 to serve as the monastery’s granary. After the area had been secularized, the monastery was torn down and partly sold. The property changed owners several times and was bought by Jakob Sixt I. in 1920. The new building was renovated, and additions were made several times. Today, the hotel and inn is led by Jakob Sixt III. and IV. The house includes facilities that offer enough space for 350 guests and we have 39 rooms that include 75 beds.

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Our inn is located in an advantageous place: the connection to public transport is excellent and our hotel is close to a famous abbey church, the Asamkirche, in the beautiful Rohr i. NB close to the Hallertau. Our family has been responsible for the inn for four generations. We have taken great care of the comfortable restaurant room, the spacious dining hall, the attractive room 'Jakobus', the pleasantly shady beer garden under mighty chestnut trees and the terrace right at the Abt-Dominik-Prokop-Platz, the local plaza. Many of those who have visited us have become regulars.

Yours, the Sixt Family

100 Years of Gasthof Sixt

History of the Sixt family

Gasthof Sixt in Rohr celebrated its centenary in October 2020. It is perhaps not unusual for a hotel-restaurant to be in family ownership for a hundred years, but the fact that a ‘Jakob’ has always been a joint-owner during this period is something special. But each of these Jakobs would not have been able to add to the success story without an energetic wife by their side. In the meantime, third and fourth generation Jakobs with their spouses Marlene and Marianne - and also Jakob V - are busy running and developing the business.

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