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The building was first constructed in 1738 to serve as the monastery’s granary. After the area had been secularized, the monastery was torn down and partly sold. The property changed owners several times and was bought by Jakob Sixt I. in 1920. The new building was renovated, and additions were made several times. Today, the hotel and inn is led by Jakob Sixt III. And IV. The house includes facilities that offer enough space for 350 guests and we have 40 rooms that include 75 beds.

Our inn is located in an advantageous place: the connection to public transport is excellent and our hotel is close to a famous abbey church, the Asamkirche, in the beautiful Rohr i. NB close to the Hallertau. Our family has been responsible for the inn for four generations. We have taken great care of the comfortable restaurant room, the spacious dining hall, the attractive café room, the pleasantly shady beer garden and the terrace right at the Abt-Dominik-Prokop-Platz, the local plaza. Many of those who have visited us have become regulars.

Visit us and experience the hospitality at our hotel.

Yours, the Sixt Family

What our Guests Have to Say

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… we felt very comfortable at your inn. Thank you for your great hospitality and the wonderful speech at the carnival parade.

Bayerischer Rundfunk „Jetzt red i“

Gasthof Sixt mit Kirche

Dear Sixts,

It is always a pleasure to stay at your hotel in Rohr. It almost feels like home. You live in a beautiful area in a healthy federal state of Germany and you have created a wonderful composition. One can tell by the happy faces of your guests. And it is wonderful to see several generations visit.

We wish you all the best until next time.

Gasthof Sixt Außenaufnahme Neues Gebäude

Dear Sixts,
I just wanted to briefly thank you for the delicious food and especially for your excellent service. We will recommend you and we will surely come back.

Best Regards

Schaltbau Logo

Dear Sixts,
We, the „Schaltbauer“s, would like to thank you for the wonderful evening in your inn. Our colleagues were very positive and pleased with your service. Everything was excellent and the ice cream buffet will surely be remembered for a long time…

Schaltbau Gmbh

Kastelruther Spatzen bei Sixt

The Kastelruther Spatzen from South Tyrol visited the Hotel Sixt

Vize Meister Tanzsport

The German runner-up dancing champion of 2012 would like to thank the Sixt family

German runner-up dancing champion




We are looking for service staff on a 450-Euro basis and housekeeping expert for permanent hire

We are looking forward to your application! You should contact us right away …

Grander Wasser Logo

GRANDER® Living Water

We have GRANDER® vitalized water in our house. Enjoy the benefits of GRANDER® from the kitchen our laundry. Especially our hotel guests benefit from the special water quality!…


Hopfenspargelauftakt Rohr

Prominent Guests Here to Open the Aspargus Season

Landshuter Zeitung, event on 2 April 2016

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Hopfenspargel Blätterteig

A Delicacy From the Hallertau

Mittelbayerische Zeitung, Page W3, Saturday, 2/Sunday, 3 April 2016

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Sixt Schoeberl

„Jetzt red i“ came to visit Rohr

Kreisanzeiger, 28 October 2015, Page 3

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Gasthaus Sixt

Teddy Parker was here for a Meal

Mittelbayerische Zeitung 20/21 June 2015, Page 22

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Gastrotipp Rohr Sixt

A perfect Sunday at the Sixt

Mittelbayerische Zeitung 9/10 May 2015, Page W3

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Interview with Jakob Sixt by Radio Station Antenne Bayern

Hops Asparagus

To the Interview


From Poor People’s Meal to Delicacy

Rottenburger Anzeiger 1 April 2015, Page 17

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Einweihung Sixt Rohr

Opening of the New Hotel Rooms

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Einweihung Sixt Rohr

Opening of the New Hotel Rooms (2)

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Poor People’s Meal Becomes Delicacy for Gourmets

Opening of the Hops Season – Prominent Guests and Cooking by Jakob Sixt

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Delicious Bakeries for Your Home

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The “Miniküche” (Little Cooks) Visit the Gasthof Sixt

Kastelruther Spatzen bei Sixt

The Kastelruther Spatzen Visit Us

The Kastelruther Spatzen came to visit for the concert in Rottenburg a. d. Laaber. We were happy to welcome them, and we wish them all the best for the future!


“Housekeeping is a versatile profession”

Award – Marianne Sixt receives the “Meisterpreis” …

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“A wonderous journey to the countryside”

A Spontaneous Trip to Lower Bavaria By Sonja Vodicka

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“Claudia Jung prepares the delicious hops asparagus”

It used to be known as a poor people’s dish, but today …

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Familie Sixt

“Dahoam is dahoam” (popular Bavarian TV series) actor Peter RappThe hops asaparagus season opening: lots of visitors, delicious food and premieres.englück cooking with Jakob Sixt

The hops asaparagus season opening: lots of visitors, delicious food and premieres.

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Jakob Sixt was the name of Rohr’s “Klosterwirt” (monastery innkeeper) for four genereations

The Gasthof Sixt in Rohr presents its restaurant.

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Hopfenspargel 2008

“Delicious Spears”

The ARGE Hopfenland Hallertau organized a meeting for the highlights of the hops asparagus season 2008 on Thursday

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Horst Seehofer

“It used to be known as a food for the poor, not it’s a delicacy”

Minister of Agriculture, Horst Seehofer, preparing the hops asparagus.

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Ernte Hopfenspargel

“The Delicacy That Came From the Cold”

Highlight of the hops asparagus season – success due to continuous press work.

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Jakob Sixt

“The tender green, a delicacy for gourmets”

Kirchdorf is becoming the presentation center for the rare vegetable.

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